What’s Behind My Passion For This Political Race

I want to take the time to talk about why I have an interest in this year’s political race and why I think it is important. Many would just suspect I’m a political person and I guess that’s partly true. It has always interested me since I was a kid. But that’s not what is behind my passion this time around.
You see, I know full well that our problems won’t be fixed by just getting the right man or woman elected. I also know that whoever we have in office was put there by God and reflects the heart of the American people. In other words, if we have an unrighteous person in office, then it is because unrighteous people wanted him there, and God gave them what they wanted as their judgment. Such is, in my estimation, what we have today.
However, no one can argue that the rate at which the unrighteous, evil agenda has been growing and taking over public opinion is, in a word, alarming. More has happened in the last two years that we never would have seen ten years ago. One need not think too hard to find many examples: homosexual marriage and the corresponding devaluation and crumbling of the sacred institution of marriage, the abortion industry and its sick business of murdering human lives and selling their body parts, and on and on. What is worse, these things don’t seem to bother many people and the media covers them up like they never happened.
On the other side of things, those people who take a stand for righteousness and truth (not to mention common human decency), are vilified, demonized, and even sued in court in order to force them to take part in other people’s lives of unrighteousness. It doesn’t matter whether it is against your faith or conscience. They’re out to make you do it. And in the process, religious liberty has all but gone out the window.
And people stand by and let it happen.
Now I’m smart enough to know that these people are sinners, and that’s what sinners will do. That’s why they need Jesus. I’m also smart enough to know that you really can’t regulate morality because it’s people’s hearts that need to change. In other words, just making a law won’t change the person’s heart.
But…and this is a big but…as we have seen, the one who sits in the oval office can use his influence to affect popular opinion. See, people tend just to accept whatever the masses accept. The next big “civil rights” push comes along, for example, where activists purposely color their rhetoric to make it sound undeniably moral, and people just follow along. “Makes perfect sense to me,” they say. Then they adopt the talking points of the activists without even thinking or doing a little homework. They don’t even think through what the eventual consequences would be for society, let alone think about their own spiritual destination.
This election is a matter of salt and light. It is a matter of having a leader who will either stand up for what is right according to God’s standards and at least be a standard bearer for righteousness, or else he will be a person who leads the charge for the further degradation of society. In the meantime, millions more babies die at the hands of murder factories and have their faces cut open with scissors while their hearts are still beating, all for the almighty dollar. And also in the meantime, the sin of homosexuality becomes embraced and by more and more people because it has been made commonplace and O.K. by our society’s leaders, and we fall deeper and deeper into sin and alarming rates of speed.
And that is why I am so passionate about this election. I am looking for a leader who will stand for righteousness and godliness and never compromise. I am looking for someone who isn’t afraid to be unpopular for doing the right thing. I’m looking for a leader who has a genuine faith in Jesus Christ and is comfortable talking about it without it being forced. I’m looking for a leader who won’t just say whatever is expedient at the time to win an election, only to drop it like a hot potato when he or she gets to Washington. It should be someone with a proven record of doing just that as well. I’m looking for a leader who will stand up for religious liberties and stop the persecution of people of faith when they choose not to participate in other people’s sin. I’m looking for a leader who will tirelessly and uncompromisingly stand up for the rights of the unborn because that is the righteous and biblical thing to do. And I’m looking for a leader who will unashamedly stand for the traditional, biblical definition of marriage and defend it unyieldingly.
There are a few candidates in the Republican race that I believe would do a pretty good job at these things. But one candidate has risen to the top of my estimation who, because of his record of standing up to the Washington establishment of both parties in order to do what is right, and because of the genuineness of his faith in Christ which is evident not only in the ease in which he talks about it, but also in the deeds which he has done and continues to do, I believe has shown himself to be the absolute best candidate. That candidate is Ted Cruz.
But don’t take my word for it. Investigate for yourself. Go to tedcruz.org. Get his book, “A Time for Truth.” Look up his record in Congress and as a public servant in Texas. Look at his resume. Go to one of his rallies. Listen carefully for yourself. Read through the book of Proverbs and see which candidate best fits God’s definition of a man that has godly wisdom.
As I said before, our country’s ills will not be fixed by getting the right person in office. We need to pray. We need to repent of our sins. We need God to turn our hearts back to Himself once again. But such a goal would be much more quickly accomplished maybe if our nation’s leader is not purposely leading the American people into deeper and deeper degradation and unrighteousness at break-neck speed, but instead was a man who would humbly lead our country with godly, biblical wisdom. We need a Daniel. We need an Esther. And we need to take this seriously.

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