No More Night – a poem for Easter

Sin cast its shadow upon the earth
And spread like a plague throughout all humanity
The darkness of night would fill the soul of
Every man, woman, and child ever to be born thereafter

The darkness of night
Filled with loneliness, fear, and shame
Its shackles bound to every heart
Its talons gripped every soul

The earth itself lay in ruin
Under the curse of man’s sin
What once was declared to be good
Now lay in the clutches of Evil’s reign

We searched and searched, groping in the dark
Searching desperately for hope
For fulfillment, for freedom
Only to find the shackles tightening
Even greater upon us

We were prisoners of our own lusts
Captives of our own rebellion
Without hope, and without God in the world
Our hopelessness had been sealed
The judgment of death upon our soul

Then from the midst of the night, that blackest of nights
From the midst of the world’s despair
A Light shown in the darkness
And behold, the darkness had to flee!

This One who forgives sins, who raises the dead
Could this be Israel’s long-awaited Messiah?
Could this be the Savior of the world?
Might we, after all, have cause for…hope?

Look, as He walks the rocky soil of earth
Watch as He reaches down to the lowly, the helpless
Could this be the one to raise us out of darkness
And bring an end to the eternal night?

But why? Why upon a wooden cross
Is this Messiah nailed?
What of our hope? What of our hope?
Where shall we turn, when all hope is gone?

Oh despair, how can you reign once again?
Oh night, how black, how black can you be
When once a Light shown so bright
But now is snuffed out!

Shall we return again to the blackness of night?
Will the chains continue to bind us?
The talons sink deeper into our soul
Dooming us to everlasting darkness?

But wait, what piercing gleam of brightness
Now floods the earth!
It is He, Israel’s Messiah!
Could this really be?

See as the darkness flees!
See as the fetters fall!
The talons loose their grip
And hope springs forth once again!

This Jesus has become
The firstborn from among the dead!
The forerunner of God’s new creation
The Beginning of a new heaven and new earth!

God has raised this Jesus from the dead!
He has defeated sin and death!
He has triumphed over the grave!
And now He reigns as King of all kings!

“Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people,
And he will dwell with them.
They will be his people, and God himself will be their God.
He will wipe every tear from their eyes.
There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain
For the old order of things has passed away!”

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