The Church’s Response to Same-Sex Marriage

When we are talking about things that pertain to society and life in general, we cannot forget that God Himself is the author of law, indeed of all things moral and ethical. Where else would it come from? Our very laws that govern our nation are derived from God’s law, as much as many would love to deny that. And I’m not inferring that the US is in any way a “Christian” nation. But it is true, though, that morality and law in any society finds its ultimate beginning and end in God Himself. It’s just truth. Therefore, when we talk of things like homosexuality or gay marriage, we need to, indeed, we MUST look as such things in light of what God Himself has revealed to us about how He thinks about such things. And if we were to be honest before God and ourselves, we would see clearly that we are not dealing with a “civil rights” issue here, but one of a fundamental moral nature, one that happens to be a major fabric of one of the most basic and sacred institutions of all: marriage. Indeed, as Paul points out in Ephesians, marriage itself is far more than just a man and a woman being legally bound to each other. It is a picture of Christ and the church (Ephesians 5:25-33).

Now that leads me to what our role as the church should be in all this. We (the church, the body of Christ), are commissioned, yes, commanded, to not only spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (which, by the way, can set even homosexuals free from their bondage, as well as any other sinner from theirs), but we are called to defend the truth with our very lives, and in this way and others, we are salt in the earth and light in the world. This is our calling. And if no one else does it, our society, and especially those who don’t know Christ, will have no hope to be free from their sins and from God’s judgment. I say these things, not for political reasons, nor to be mean or bigotted. I say these things because we have good news to share with the world, and their eternal destinies are on the line. Therefore, if we know that a certain lifestyle is clearly a sin and we know that sin leads to death, how is it compassionate to support such a lifestyle by voting to allow the sin to continue? Do you not know that our laws uphold God’s order in society and are designed not only to keep order but to preserve society from corruption? Why do we support laws that make murder illegal? If we allowed murder in our society, society would be destroyed. Why do we support laws that make adultry illegal? Because if everyone was allowed to sleep with everyone else’s wife, society would be unbearable and the very nature of trust and fidelity would be nullified. So now we come back to the issue at hand. Why do we support laws that define marriage as being between a man and a woman? Because if we didn’t, people would live to the contrary in greater and greater numbers and not only would the sacredness of marriage be nullified, but in embracing such a stand as allowing same sex marriage, we are actually saying that it’s O.K., and it is normal, and then the sin of homosexuality would spread in society until it had corrupted the very soul of the people. No. I cannot, will not, and we MUST NOT support such a thing, even in our laws. This is the only compassionate and loving response we can have as the people of God.

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