Lost In Translation – part 2

I would like to update one of my previous posts on Bible translations. This is due to further research I have done which has resulted in an update in my preferences. The other tranlations I mentioned in my previous post are still good ones, but I want to talk about two in particular that I did not mention that have made their way to the top of my list.

First, let me talk about the Holman Christian Standard Bible or HCSB. I have found that this translation “gets it right” very, very frequently. It’s careful attention to the original languages is superior to most ofmthemother translations out there. Then, with their usage of words such as Messiah and Yahweh, it really makes Bible reading a more thoughtful experience. Finally, unlike most of the other new translations, the HCSB capitalizes the personal pronouns that refer to God or Jesus (Him, His, You, etc.). On top of all that, the HCSB Study Bible is a fabulous Bible study experience. Check it out!

As wonderful as the HCSB is, however, I have grown to love and appreciate the NET (New English Translation) head and shoulders above all the rest. In my opinion, the NET comes closest to the original languages in almost every way. Needless to say, it has become my #1 pick for overall Bible reading and studying. On top of the wonderful translation, the translators have documented almost 61,000 notes that document the scholarship that went in to the reasons for translating the way they did, and made them all available to the public in either the first edition hard copy and/or online at Bible.org. They also have a really good iPad/iPhone app that has the notes as well.

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