My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Albums

Here are the top 10 Christmas albums in my collection:

10. “Rose of Bethlehem” by Selah – It’s from Selah. Almost anything they do is great. This Christmas album is no different.

9. “Love Came For Me” by Shannon Wexelberg – This is a new release from Shannon. I’ve only owned it for only a few days now. Her beautiful, clear voice is a pleasure to listen to and her worshipful style of presenting these songs makes it an instant favorite. I am willing to bet that this will be higher on my top ten next year.

8. “Come Let Us Adore Him – A Christmas Worship Experience” by Various Artists – I just have one thing to say in explanation for this being on my top 10: “Here With Us” by Joy Williams. Enough said.

7. “Peace On Earth” by Casting Crowns – This is an overall nice album, but their version of “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day” makes it an instant classic! Powerful song!

6. “The Christmas Session” by MercyMe – This is just a down right fun Christmas album! In their classic MercyMe style, Bart and the boys have created a top notch project. Without a doubt, the crown jewel of this album, in my humble opinion, is “Little Drummer Boy.” A close second is “Joseph’s Lullaby” which is a beautiful song sung from the standpoint of what might have been going through Joseph’s mind at the birth of Jesus.

5. “Christmastime” by Michael W. Smith – This is just a fabulous project and one of two albums by Smitty on my top ten. There is not a bad song on this whole album! It really brings the Christmas spirit.

4. “A Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas” by Integrity Music – This is a brand new, hot off the press album in 2010. The big story here isn’t JUST the beautiful music and wonderful arrangements. The big story here is the laser-like focus on Christ in this whole project. Everything about this CD lifts up the name of Jesus. But then, when you combine Brooklyn Tabernacle with Integrity Music, how could it be anything less than wonderful?

3. “A Christmas Portrait” by The Carpenters – This has been one of my favorites ever since I used to own it on cassette tape. Yes, I said cassette tape! Which is an indication of how long I have loved this album. This, and its sequel, have a medley of Christmas songs as well as single songs, all of which are masterfully orchestrated and performed. Talk about getting you in the Christmas spirit, this album is a real must have for all music lovers!

2. “Glory In The Highest” by Chris Tomlin – Take one part Christmas, one part worship, and a heaping measure of the presence of God and you get this absolutely tremendous Christmas project. This is Christmas worship like only Chris Tomlin can do. Recorded like a worship session, Chris puts every ounce of the passion of his regular worship leading into these songs and the result is a Christmas album that takes you right to the throne of God.

1. “It’s A Wonderful Christmas” by Michael W. Smith – Without a doubt the most glorious Christmas CD I have ever heard, and one that ranks among my most favorite albums (Christmas or non-Christmas) of all time! I can listen to this CD all year and never get tired of it. With stunning orchestrations and lush choral vocals, topped off with Michael’s masterful vocals, I just can’t say enough about this great project. If you haven’t heard it, you really owe it to your ears to get it!

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